A Brand New Day… A New Beginning… A New Purpose

imageHello everyone! Today is a brand new day for me… It is a day of new beginnings…a new found purpose in my life and I want to share and celebrate this special day with you!

Oh  yes, you are right! It is my birthday! Yay! Thank you, Lord Jesus for another year! Well, my birthday wish and prayer is for me to be able “to give back.” Yes, to be able to give back to The Lord and to others what He has blessed me all these years! The spiritual giftings, the talents, the skills and the resources and utilize them all for His glory!

And so, today, I would like to present to you, my dear friends and readers, the birth of a new beginning and a new purpose in my life, a brand new Christian Blog eMinistry, “THE KING’s VOICE International Ministries(TKVIM).” This is my way of sharing with you what The Lord had called me to do…and that is to “Get the WORD out!” by “Proclaiming His WORD to All Nations One Post at a Time.”

I am so pumped up to write my first blog post today not only because it is my birthday but most of all, it’s because I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to My Lord, My Saviour and My King, Jesus Christ for all that He has done for me! I want to dedicate this blog ministry in honor of Jesus Christ, My King for without Him, I can do nothing(John15:5). This blog wouldn’t be possible at all if I don’t have Jesus in my life! Thank You, Lord for making it all possible and Thy Will be done on this ministry. Thank You for making this day and its timing so perfect! Yup! The timing of this first blog post is the start of a new year ahead and a new Christian Blog eMinistry(TKVIM) for me to connect with you, all!

Friends, we do serve a living, a loving and a faithful God! Today, I want to share with you that HIS VOICE and HIS WORD is TRUTH! God is not a man, that he should lie(Numbers 23:19). He will never leave you nor forsake you(Hebrews 13:5) no matter what kind of situation you are in,  like what He did to me. He is always true to His Promises! What an Awesome God, He is!

There were moments in my life when I felt so overwhelmed and had no sense of direction. It’s like I am always going in circles, not knowing where to go but I cried out unto The Lord and He heard me(Psalm 3:4)and He showed me the right path. He held me and guided me along the way. He cleared the cluttered road.

You may be in the same situation which I had been, right at this very moment, but I want to encourage you not to lose hope and not to waste your time solving these problems all on your own but rather, call upon Jesus, who is The Way, The Truth and The Life(John 14:6). He will give you a clear direction in order for you to get to where you need  to be. He is the Author and Finisher of your faith(Hebrews 12:2). Just put your trust in Him!

This Christian Blog eMinistry(TKVIM) is one of those assignments which The Lord had given me. He gave me the blueprint on how to build this blog ministry. All I needed to do was to wait upon His directions every single day…to meet Him on my quiet times until He finally spoke to my heart to implement it. He showed me the right resources.

Waiting upon the Lord, hearing from Him, meditating upon His Promises on the Scriptures and obeying His Call upon your life will set you free from all the confusions and complications of life which are hindering you from reaching the destiny God has for you!

My friends, there is always hope in Christ Jesus! Starting today, I am extending my hands to yours. I want to connect with you through this Blog. You are not alone on this journey…God is with you and He is speaking to your heart and your spirit right now to get up, get moving and smell the breath of fresh air! Do not lose hope,  for today is…A Brand New Day…A New Beginning…A New Purpose for your life! Let’s welcome this day with open arms and Praise Jesus Christ, ,Our Hope, Our King for a Brand New Start!

Let’s Celebrate Today!  Have “some cake and ice cream” for my birthday!

Join me…. Will you?

To find out more about “TKVIM” Blog eMinistry, just read our “ABOUT” page.

Have a blessed day everyone:-)

Bloggin’for My KING,

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