Be Still…

imageOver the past few months, many things have happened in my life and family…sickness attacked us! My mother-in-law and my grandma were hospitalized. They were diagnosed with stroke and pneumonia.  My daughter, Abby got sick of ear infection and my husband, Rey has “facial neuritis.” I also have cough and colds right now as I am writing this post.  Oh, Guangdong weather!  I really don’t like it:-(

Rey and I are also busy at the English Training School, teaching ESL to our dear Chinese students.  Guess what?  We did not even miss any of our classes at all in spite of  Rey’s condition. Life moves on no matter what kind of  trials and challenges we are facing…whether they are mountains or Goliaths!  We will not be moved by these events or circumstances.

Let me share with you the time when Rey showed me his face that morning, I was stunned  with what I saw.  The left side of his face was not moving at all. His left eye was tearing uncontrollably and he couldn’t close it.  He was so worried that day.  I was also worried and concerned because I didn’t know what happened to him.  What caused it?   At first, I thought that he had a mild stroke but then I checked him for other signs and symptoms and he was ok.  Then immediately, I figured out that it might be facial neuritis or Bell’s Palsy.  I knew because I had encountered this case before with my patients.  Hurriedly, we called our School Director to report this matter and she helped Rey to get checked and examined by one of the doctors  in one of the hospitals here in China.  The doctor said that it’s facial neuritis which was caused by a virus which infected his facial nerve.  It will take about 3-6 months for his full recovery.  At this time, Rey is undergoing  treatment and acupuncture therapy.  My English/Chinese Bible Study Group friends here in China are praying for him.  They are so good to us even our teacher assistants, parents of  our students and of course, our school director.  They are our family here in China.

As I sought the Lord for all these things which had happened to us and our family lately, all I can hear Him speaking in the depths of my heart that day were the  words…. ” Be still…..!”  Yes, these two words which were so powerful and encouraging.   I do believe that God gave these words to me to let me surrender to Him everything that I am carrying right at that moment. What a relief!

God didn’t want us to carry the burden.  He loves us so much that He wants us to bring all our cares to him.  With that being said,  I just immediately followed Him.  I kept “still”, surrendered, prayed and  trusted in The Lord and His promises to us! His Words will never return void.  Now,  my mother-in-law and my grandma have recovered! Abby is healed!  Rey is now having some sensation and movement on the left side of his face.  Everyday, he is improving!  Amen!  Isn’t God so amazing?  He is so awesome and so loving!  He is The Lord that heals!  Just trust in Him and “Be still and know that He is God!”

How about you?  When the going gets tough? What do you do?

Do you panic and worry?

Are you calm and still?

Please comment and share with us your experience so you may bless and encourage others as well. Thanks! God bless you all!

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