“I am More than a Conqueror!”

Do you feel defeated at times?   Do you feel like a failure?

I totally understand what you’re feeling right now…

…that is why today, my dear readers, I want to encourage you and empower you:-)

Here is a little excerpt from a devotional article which I have stumbled upon today regarding fighting for what is yours and I want to share this encouraging message with you.

Author and Preacher, Jerry Savelle wrote:

What bread is for your body, God’s Word is for your spirit. It is through His Word that you come to know who you are in Christ Jesus. Once this becomes revelation to you, no one can ever take it away. When you know who you are in Christ, your days of weakness and defeat are over.

The devil will always try to challenge the revelation of who you are, just as he tried with Jesus. But, just as Jesus did, you can boldly declare to the devil, “It is written!” He cannot steal from you any longer. Tell him, “You’ve defeated me or the last time. I’m entitled to be blessed. I’m entitled to health. I’m entitled to prosperity. You’re not stealing from me any longer!”


Yes, indeed!  This is such a powerful message!  We all know that the devil does three(3) things: to kill, steal and destroy our lives, our families and our relationships. This is true, but the Bible also says that “we are more than conquerors” in Christ Jesus. Amen! The devil is under our feet and he is completely defeated!

I invite you now to go check out the full article and start declaring your  “” today!

See full article on http://www.jerrysavelle.org/fight-for-what-is-yours/

Please feel free to share your “victories” and “praise reports” on the comment below.  Have a blessed day! 

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