I called and HE answered!



This blog turned “1 year old today” and it is also my birthday! Yup! Time flies just like that!

Yes, Hello again! I am so sorry, my dear readers. I know…I know…I know that I haven’t blogged for quite sometime. I think my last entry was March but the most important thing now is that I am back blogging. I will not promise anything but I will just do my best to blog for my King and for you.

Guess what? I am so excited! So many things happened in my life when I was hibernating from this blog. The Lord gave me this time to pause for awhile and think….to think about everything which took place in my life, family, marriage, my vision and my calling and purpose in life. Along my journey and silence came trials and challenges but that didn’t stop me from pursuing the vision and purpose which The Lord has for me.

Everything is making more sense to me now. I have finally discovered and confirmed God’s purpose for my life. Yes, You and I know that I am serving here in China as a missionary but The Lord just didn’t want me to stay this way, He wanted me to reach out to more people here and around the world. As God spoke, I listened. I knew that He was giving me all the directions that I needed to do. Through this blog, I know, it can be done!

My ebook about “grace” which I had started writing last January is finally finished and will soon be published. I am really working on publishing it on Kindle and maybe other platforms too! I stopped writing for awhile. I once again joined the October Kindle in 30 Challenge just to refresh myself. After so many months of praying about the direction of my ebook, finally, I got the answers! The Lord wanted me to make some changes…the series title, the ebook title and subtitle, the chapters, of course and the contents of the whole ebook. So, the new title of my ebook is now, “STAY CALM and EMBRACE GRACE: Discover the Seven Key Benefits of Walking in God’s Unmerited Favor.” I love it! I just felt peace in my heart after obeying God’s direction and I finally finished it. I am so blessed and so grateful to my King for allowing me to make the changes and for giving me the wisdom to finally finish it. I will tell you more about my ebook on my future posts, so stay tune!

Another ebook which I have written and finished was my “Free Mini-Ebook” Giveaway…The ebook’s title is “Let’s Talk About …FAITH.” It is a “Free Gift” for those who will sign up on this blog and for those who will be purchasing my “STAY CALM and EMBRACE GRACE” ebook. I will be putting this free mini ebook up on this blog for download soon, so watch out for it and I pray that it will bless your heart!

Another God’s purpose which I have discovered in my life is to finally pursue my “Coaching Practice.” I am a Certified Professional Coach and a graduate of one of the International Coaching Schools in the USA specializing both in Life Design and Entrepreneurial(Business) Coaching. I became certified back in February of 2010. Coaching is my passion and a mission for others. God is always connecting me to people who needed coaching. Since my high school days, I remember I was already coaching. I have coached friends, classmates and guess what, even my teachers! Isn’t that amazing! Up to now, I am still coaching. The Lord wants us to use our talents and skills which He had given us to serve Him and to serve others and so, that’s what I will be doing soon. My coaching website is http://www.everydaylivewell.com. I just want to be a blessing to those who needed some coaching. I just want to share the wisdom which The Lord had given me both in life design and business coaching. The website is still under construction at this time since I just got my domain name. I am so excited to pursue this and I know that through coaching, I can reach more people for Christ!

Yes,indeed…there’s so many things lined up for me to do but it’s okay, God is in control of everything! I will just take things one day at a time. He goes before me. He is the Author and Finisher of my faith! He is everything to me! When I call on Him, He answers me! He never fails me! God is so loving and so good! He is such an Awesome God! Praise His Wondrous Name!

Before I end this post, I just want to thank everyone who greeted me “Happy Birthday” today. You all know, who you are! I am so sorry if I cannot reply to your text messages since my Viber messaging and calls isn’t working for weeks now for some reason. Anyway, “Thank you….thank you…thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

God bless you all!

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Until my next blog posting…

Blogging Again for my King,

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