Welcome 2014….A New Hope and A Future!


2013 has just passed and we welcome 2014 with a new hope and a future which lies ahead! God knows his plans for all of us…..do not lose heart! Just keep trusting and obeying Him!

Last year was a challenging year for me and my family but we still ended up victorious for we have the faith that God is with us in overcoming all these trials and problems in our lives… that He will never leave us nor forsake us which He did:-)

We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus!  Being a “conqueror” means  one who  defeats; a ” victor.” Our battles have been won at the cross of Calvary through Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! All we needed to do now is to walk on the “Victory” which The Lord had given us… We must speak out loud and confess that ” We are Victorious in Christ Jesus!” Amen!!!

Satan, our enemy is a liar!  He wants to steal, kill and destroy the plans which The Lord has for us.  But, take note…if God is for us, who can be against us!  Once again….this is another “victory” bible promise which God has entrusted to us!  We are always on the “winning side!”. WooHoo!!!

Whatever situation you are in today, the Lord knows about it and He knows His plan for you!  Just hold on to all His Promises in His Word, the Bible and keep confessing them everyday and every moment that the enemy attacks!  Remember…you are more than a “conqueror!”

Jesus is Our Hope and Our Future….Do not be dismayed if you haven’t accomplished your New Year’s Resolution last 2013, but rather, change your mindset this year!  Instead of setting your New Year’s Resolution this year, why not seek Jesus’ face and get to know Him deeper….He loves us unconditionally and He truly cares for us! Seek Him with all your heart, listen to His Voice and know and obey His great plan for your life!

I am so excited to hear the great and mighty things which The Lord has in store for you this year as you seek Him!

Have a Blessed, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year from Our Family to Yours!

God Bless All of Us and All The Nations!!!







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